Innovations in the world of Graffiti art

Innovations in the world of Graffiti art

When you think of graffiti you might think of unsanctioned euphemisms scrawled on walls, dumpsters, signs and sidewalks. There also is commissioned graffiti art: beautifully done murals appear endlessly across urban landscapes if you know where to look.

Personally I enjoy urban exploration and discovering well-done street art. My eyes are always peeled when I'm driving, busing, walking or biking through Minneapolis. Lately though, I've been seeing, reading and hearing about innovations in the graffiti field. More and more unique ideas are coming out of the woodwork. Ideas that don't damage the public space at all, but actually improve it. The following list includes an interesting variety of ways that artists, gardeners and everyday city people are brightening up their public spaces:

Reverse Graffiti: cleaning dirty surfaces into art.

reverse graffiti wall.jpg

Moss Graffiti: spread moss paste onto walls and watch it grow.

graffiti moss.jpg

Yarn Bombing: attack of the guerrilla knitters.

yarn ninjas minneapolis mcad.jpg

Guerrilla Gifting: e.g. spread custom door mats across the city.


EyeWriter Art: technology to create art with your eyes.

TEMPT1 & EyeWriter = Art by Eyes by zach lieberman — Kickstarter_1296850875590.png
  • Tony TEMPT1 is an artist who, due to Lou Gehrig's Disease, lost the ability to move his arms and legs, speak, eat and even breathe without life-support systems. However his mind and creative spirit are still alert and he uses the EyeWriter technology to continue his artistic aspirations. See the video.

Robot Graffiti: machines used to create public art.

Graffiti Robot Paints Rainbows in Seconds - Underwire - Wired.com_1296850437757.png

Digital Graffiti Wall: all the fun of spray paint without any of the externalities.

Projection Graffiti: light displayed on the sides of buildings.

Guerrilla Gardening: seed bombs, shoe planters, moss art and anything else that expands the urban greenery.

Minneapolis Guerilla Gardening - Uptown.png

Animation: Street art stop-motion techniques.

And last but not least,

Dinosaur Graffiti: the title explains itself.



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